To activate white blood cells’ functions by Ozone Therapy

To activate white blood cells’ functions by Ozone Therapy

White blood cells are functioned as the body’s immune system that prioritize defending the body from any infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and mutated cells or dissimilar external substances included. There are various types of white blood cells found in entire human body, and the adequate amount of white blood cells reduces infections and risks of ailments and diseases. For whom is interested in boosting and activating immune systems, Ozone therapy would be efficient for treatments.

Low white blood cells Count

Low white blood cells count, or Leukopenia is the condition found in cancer patients during their chemical medications process which causes low white blood cells count affecting the body’s immune system to be inadequate. The result from inadequate immune systems increases the risks of infections. Nevertheless, Leukopenia depends on individuals’ health, nutrition, and chemical structure medications that each patient receives.

To activate white blood cells’ functions by Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is the treatment to add external oxygen to inside the body by venipuncture which is to draw blood and combine with oxygen and ozone. Pure ozone qualifies for sterilizing, reinforcing the amount of white blood cells to promptly eliminate viruses, improving circulatory systems, healing and preventing ailments, and activating immune systems to function efficiently.

The diseases which can be treated by Ozone Therapy

  1. Hepatitis, Herpes Zoster, and HIV
  2. Infected wounds from bacteria and fungi
  3. Tinnitus; chronic infection in inner ear affecting hearing uncommon ringing sounds.
  4. SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
  5. Rheumatoid
  6. Arthritis and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)
  7. Thyroid Disorders
  8. Diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, Macular degeneration, and coronary artery diseases. Ozone Therapy treatment helps retard the diseases’ process to take effect and reduce risks of complications often occurring with free radicals overwhelming.
  9. Cancer, (using Ozone Therapy is both complementary treatment and alternative treatments for every stage of cancer patients, and Ozone qualifies for directly eliminating cancer cells, improving immune system’s functions, and recovering the body after taking chemical medications.)

The benefits from being treated by Ozone Therapy

  • Eradicate viruses and bacteria and activate immune systems’ functions.
  • Reinforce immune systems and eradicate cancer cells.
  • Boosting energy to various cells in the body by using Ozone Therapy to add the amount of oxygen to the adequate levels affecting cells to function efficiently and resulting to energized body and relieve fatigue.
  • Help eradicate free radicals by stimulating enzyme functions which qualify for having free radicals that damage immune system and cause cancer eradicated.

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