Cirrhosis is the condition of damaging and scarring of the liver leading to inflammations. Liver tries to repair and replace damaged tissues by creating the secretion of cytokines. This process reduces the liver functions, so they cannot effectively function, such as, storing nutrients, essential minerals, removing toxins, and producing protein.

Causes of Cirrhosis

  • Alcoholism
  • Patients with Hepatitis B, C, and D
  • Wilsons disease, the excessive amounts of copper accumulated in the liver.
  • Immune system degeneration causing Hepatitis.
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Fatty liver disease inflicting inflammation on the liver and developing into cirrhosis.
  • Continuous chemical and herbal medications consumption for a long period.
  • Unstandardized and unnecessary supplementary foods.
  • Toxins affecting liver.

Cirrhosis symptoms

  • In beginning stage of patients with cirrhosis, symptoms do not appear explicitly or slightly appear, for example, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss.
  • Each stage of disease can be inflicted with complications, for instance, Jaundice, ascites (the abnormal amount of fluids between the stomach and internal organs causes pregnant-like stomach), swollen feet and body, bleeding diathesis causes bruises and bleeding because proteins productions from liver reduction results in insufficient clotting process.

How to treat patients with cirrhosis

  • Prevent alcohol and herbal liquor consumption.
  • Consume proper diet focusing on protein from fish, chicken, low fat pork, high-fat foods consumption prevention. Unsaturated fat recommended for cooking, such as,
  • Salty foods consumption prevention, namely, fermented food, dried salted fish, salted eggs, and food with intensive flavors.
  • Raw foods consumption prevention.
  • Be cautious with medications and herbal uses in case of liver
  • Annual medical examinations recommended.

         V Precision provides liver medical examination program by using Fibro Scan. Fibro Scan functions in detecting liver fibrosis and amount of fat without inflicting damages on patients. Once any abnormalities are detected, these diseases could be treated beforehand to prevent fetal complications. Please do not disregard and prolong any symptoms and diseases to the severe stages for belated treatments and medications.

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