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      V Precision Clinic recognizes the importance of personal data protection and maintains a standard of personal data security in accordance with appropriate and international standards. Therefore, we have prepared and published this Privacy Policy to the general public involved in the clinic. and to be applicable to executives, employees and third parties All clinic practitioners comply with and the executives of all departments are responsible for supporting, pushing and monitoring operations in accordance with the policy. and laws relating to the protection of personal data strictly as follows:

  • The collection of personal information is carried out in a limited manner. just as necessary and only for the purpose of use and in accordance with the policies, manuals and/or guidelines set by the clinic

  • The quality of personal data collected takes into account the accuracy, appropriateness, and appropriate measures to maintain the security of personal data. There is a risk management including building awareness of the security of personal data.

  • Purpose for collecting, using or disclosing personal information under the legal base And the data is processed for the intended purpose only. It will not disclose personal information collected to third parties. except in the following cases

  • for the benefit of life, health or safety

  • for the performance of contracts that are binding between them

  • for the performance of duties prescribed by law or by court order by order of the legal authority or any other case of the same nature

  • for the legitimate interest

  • for the performance of legal duties

  • For the benefit of studies, research or statistics

  • It is a case where the consent of the owner of the personal data is obtained.

  • to have public relations and disseminate policies This includes practices regarding the protection of personal information through the Clinic’s website and other operations. As required by law, for example, there are measures to support the exercise of the rights of the personal data owner. Determine the responsibility of the person responsible for the personal data controller (Data Controller) and processing personal data (Data Processor) arranging the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO), etc.

  • All personnel at the clinic should have conscience and responsibility. Ready to protect the personal information of those involved as if it were their own personal information.


This policy also aims to inform all parties of the details about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information. including transfer of personal information to affiliates, both domestically and internationally as well as measures in the management and security of personal data In order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, related laws and in accordance with international personal data protection standards The clinic makes great efforts to ensure limited collection of personal information. as needed according to the purpose of use for the benefit of providing services to the data subject and only to process the data for the intended purpose

  1. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy This applies to personal information that the clinic may collect, use, disclose or transfer personal information to local or international affiliates. of the following groups of persons

  • Customer groups, both current and past clients of the clinic and potential customers of the clinic in the future

  • group of partners, contract parties, which covers both

  • An individual who is a party to the clinic’s current, past, and possibly business partners or contractual parties. of the clinic in the future

  • Employees, personnel, officers, representatives, representatives, authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person, directors, contacts and other natural persons acting on behalf of the juristic person who is a business partner or a juristic contract party of the clinic

  • group of shareholders, investors, including any person interested in investment

  • contact group and third parties entering the clinic’s responsible area where personal information is required to be collected. For the purpose of security within the area of responsibility

  • CSR stakeholder groups or any person whose personal data may be collected by the hospital from which they are involved. or for carrying out social activities or for any other purpose

  • Group of personnel, employees and job applicants which covers both family members or reference that employees or job applicants refer to

This Privacy Policy also enforced covering various channels between the personal data subject and the clinic that allows the clinic to receive or collect personal information whether it is the contact channel of the hospital electronic system, website, hotline (Call Center) or customer service center Channels for complaints or advice, comments, online communication channels Mobile applications, events, public places or community care clinics for social and/or other purposes. related

This Privacy Policy It describes the types of personal data the clinic stores, how, where, sources, and purposes for which we collect, use, disclose and transfer personal data internationally. Persons who may be disclosed or transferred personal information from the clinic Period of retention of personal information and the rights of personal data subjects in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2019 as well as the security of personal data in accordance with appropriate measures

  1. Definitions mentioned in this policy

“Clinic” means V Precision Clinic or V Precision Company Limited.

“Personal Data” means information about an individual that enables an identifiable person to be identified. either directly or indirectly but does not include information of the deceased such as name-surname, identification number Passport number social security card number Tax ID number, account number, address, email, telephone number, IP address, Cookie ID, date of birth, nationality, weight, height, education information. financial information employment information, etc.

“Sensitive Personal Data” means information that is truly personal. But it is sensitive and can risk unfair discrimination, such as race, ethnicity, political opinion, ideological, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual behavior. Criminal records, health information, disability, trade union information genetic information biological information or any other information which affects the owner of the personal data in a similar way

“Processing Personal Data” means the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data.

“Personal Data Subject” means the individual who owns the Personal Data. But this is not the case when the individual owns the data. or being the creator or collecting of that information by the owner of this personal data shall mean natural persons only and shall not include legal entities established by law such as corporations, associations, foundations or any other organization.

  1. Cookies and use of cookies

To access the website of the clinic Cookies may be placed on the visitor’s device. and data is collected automatically. Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. and some of them are cookies that are intended for the convenience of website visitors. More information can be found in the clinic’s cookie policy.

  1. Privacy Policy Updates

The Clinic may review, update, and change this Privacy Policy from time to time. In order to comply with the relevant practices, laws, rules and regulations, if there is an update or change in this Privacy Policy The clinic will publish the updated policy on the website and other channels. of the next clinic

  1. Storage, timing and safety measures

The clinic will retain personal data for as long as it is reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in this policy. It will consider the appropriate period of retention of personal information. from the contract period legal age including the need to continue to keep personal data for the necessary period to comply with the law for internal and external audits or to establish rights/use of legal claims

The clinic will maintain and store personal information in an appropriate security manner. whether in the form of a document computer system and various electronic systems including various tools that the clinic uses to secure personal information and please be assured that the clinic’s personal data security measures are appropriate and in accordance with international standards. To prevent the loss, access, use, alteration, correction or disclosure of personal information or acting without lawful powers

The clinic has limited access. and use technology to secure personal information to prevent access to the computer system or electronic systems without permission This includes when personal data is disclosed to a third party processing it or to a data processor. The clinic will supervise the person to take appropriate action in accordance with the instructions.

  1. Rights of personal data subject

Consent that the personal data subject gives the clinic to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data. It remains valid until the data subject revokes written consent. The owner of the personal data can revoke their consent. or suspend the use or disclosure of personal information for the purpose of carrying out any activities By submitting the request of the personal data subject to the clinic in writing or via electronic mail

In addition, under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, the data subject has the right to request under the following laws

  • Right to be informed

  • The right to ask the clinic to correct inaccurate information or add incomplete information

  • The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data that has been given to the clinic for the duration of the personal data being with the clinic.

  • The right to suspend the use of personal data for certain reasons

  • Right to access personal information and ask the clinic to make a copy of such personal data Including asking the clinic to disclose the arrival of personal information that the data subject has not given consent to the clinic.

  • The right to transfer personal data provided to the clinic to another data controller. or the owner of the information himself for some reason

  • The right to object to the processing of personal data for some reason

  • The right to request a clinic Deletion of data for certain reasons is permitted under legal requirements.

  • right to complain in case of violation or non-compliance with data protection laws or announcements issued under such laws

Requests listed above This must be done in writing and the clinic will notify the result of the application within 30 days, unless there is a legal limitation of rights. However, the revocation of consent may result in information insufficient for processing to achieve the stated objectives and may not be convenient to receive the service but will not affect any rights that have already been done according to the objectives

  1. Contact the clinic

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wishing to exercise your right in relation to the processing of your personal data You can contact us at

Data Protection Officer : DPO


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