NK Count

NK Count

NK Cells are a type of white blood cells that are present in the human immune system, but are different from other types of white blood cells in that NK cells are innate immunity. It is the front line of immunity in the fight against harmful foreign substances such as germs, viruses or cancer. NK Cell will destroy and eliminate all forms of bad germs that come into harming our body completely.

NK Cell tests can assess the number and capabilities as follows:

  1. NK Count is to check whether the amount of NK Cell is enough or not
  2. NK Activity is to detect the performance of NK Cell to see how well it can prevent germs and eliminate germs.

NK Count and NK Activity tests are tests to assess the ability to destroy viruses and cancer cells of each individual. For those who have been tested and found to have lower immunity than normal, these groups are more likely to be infected with the virus more often, more difficult to recover, and at risk of developing cancer.

Who should be tested for NK Cell?

  • People who are at risk of developing cancer. or has a family member with a history of cancer
  • Heavy smokers.
  • People who have frequent infections such as frequent colds, influenza
  • People who are tired, stressed, not getting enough rest.
  • People who are exposed to environmental pollution for a long time.
  • People who want to check their own immunity from birth.

The immune system is considered an important first line of health. Should pay more attention to their immune system, which can start from ourselves by eating a whole 5 food groups and should exercise regularly, do not stress, get enough rest, check your own body regularly. If there are any unusual symptoms such as having more frequent infections, getting cold easily, seek medical attention to determine the cause and seek treatment.