Liver function test

It is crucial to check for liver abnormalities as part of a health examination. One of the body’s most vital organs is the liver. Its functions include food digestion, food storage, and toxin and waste excretion from the body.

If anomalies are discovered, patients will receive prompt treatment. Any disease is “identified early. it can be cured,” as we are all aware. Examiners definitely benefit from health screening for illness screening to assess risks because early prevention or treatment can save time and money compared to existing high medical expenditures. 

Why you should check your liver!

  •  To find hidden diseases. Sometimes it can be unexpected diseases such as liver cancer, fatty liver and liver dysfunction.
  •  Some diseases can be treated in time because if the disease is found at an early stage, it can be treated to the root cause and timely.
  •  To analyze the change in lifestyle behavior to be correct. For example, eating from the five food groups, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.
  • The cost of treatment is higher than the cost of screening tests.

Testing for fatty liver is a hidden and harmful condition. There are numerous modern examination techniques and cutting-edge technologies available, such as the fibro scan from V Precision.

FibroScan can trace the development of the disease and evaluate the severity of cirrhosis to ascertain the response and organize follow-up care. In patients for whom a liver biopsy is contraindicated or refused, it may be utilized. However, it should be examined by a liver disease expert or by staff with FibroScan test certification.