Together, let's work toward achieving optimal health.

We think it’s our birthright to be healthy and happy. There aren’t many people who understand why they must sacrifice themselves for good health as well as how to regain their comfort and wellbeing. At V Precision, we strive to provide you with the best health and happiness through a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE approach. We choose to treat the entire system of the ailments you are dealing with in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

We want to welcome you to step into a brand-new world of healing, possibilities, and health and happiness. You also have access to your own medical supply’s world. Please feel free to experience the future’s medicine right now.



A treatment called functional medicine aims to maintain and regenerate cells in order to improve optimal and strengthen the immune system. To better satisfy the healthcare demands of the twenty-first century, healers and doctors will collaborate as medicine advances.

The advantages at V Precision

Patient-centered approach

The patient-centered approach is the focal point of functional medicine. The optimum health will be encouraged with our attention and assistance. As a positive reinforcement, V Precision is prepared to listen to and comprehend the issues of our customers in order to apply and begin the discovery process and personalized treatment that are specific to each individual concern.

Solve health problems at the root cause

To identify the complex illnesses and ongoing issues that certain patients are experiencing, we will examine the underlying root problem. It will also consider the patient's internal (mental, physical, and mental) and external (physical and social settings) factors on their current disease which will lead to co-operation in solving the problem together.

Integration of modern medical treatments.

We integrate Western-style medical treatments with examinations based on FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. In an Australian laboratory, our innovative effort is needed to diagnose certain illnesses and cure patients at their root causes.

Let's prepare you for the best health.