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At V Precision, we strive to keep you healthy and happy with whatever you are going through by identifying the specific causes of the disease and treating the disease you are experiencing. We use a new type of treatment that combines cutting-edge diagnostic tools and technologies that can identify imbalances in your body. We are able to identify the precise source of any illness or disease you may be experiencing. The disease is not the center, but the person who faces the problem is the center. V Precision is prepared to provide individualized medical care. Allow us to look after you.

Our Philosophy


We’ll help you stay healthy by identifying the individual and underlying causes of your illness. It is different from general causal analysis because we use FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. We choose to treat the entire system of the ailments you are dealing with in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.


By paying attention to your concerns and combining them with the professional training of a skilled medical practitioner, we place an emphasis on patient-centered care. Its purpose is to describe the methods of identifying and customizing treatments that unmistakably address the needs of your particular body. V PRECISION, we strive to provide the highest quality and most efficient personalized care for all users.


We integrate Western-style medical treatments with examinations based on FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. In an Australian laboratory, our innovative effort is needed to diagnose certain illnesses and cure patients at their root causes.


It’s like you’re a member of our family if you allow us take care of your personal or healthcare concerns. To ensure that you are always in good physical and mental health, our team of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists is available to assist you.


Let’s take the best possible care of your health for both you and your loved ones.




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V Precision 9 Floor, Vi Plaza Building Vibhavadi Hospital, 1008/8 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Lad Yao Sub-District, Chatuchak District Bangkok 10900